w3s research

Together with leaders in the web3 space we release market reports in which we analyze market structures, conduct deep-dives into specific verticals, and deliver institutional-grade insights.

NFT Infrastructure Market Report

NFT Infrastructure Report

This report is part of a series that web3 Studios is publishing on the current state of the NFT infrastructure - with a focus on institutional use cases. While the main report provides an overview of the key segments and players, upcoming deep-dive articles will focus on key developments in specific sub-sectors, innovation, fundraising, and consolidation.
For this edition, we have worked together with selected leaders in the space to analyze the current state of the market and develop a framework to define general market structures.

Digital Identities Market Report

Digital Identities Report

This report addresses the questions of what digital identity means for us as humans and why we need it, the pros and cons of real-world vs. fictional avatars in the Metaverse, and the role of digital fashion to enable self-expression. It is aimed to provide an overview for people trying to understand the space and facilitate the discussion about the topic of digital identity.
For the report, we have collaborated with selected leaders from the Metaverse, NFT, and digital fashion space to dive into current market structures and dynamics.

Digital Asset Custody Landscape

Who is securing the >$1 trillion market cap of crypto assets behind the scenes?
We dissected the crypto custody market and see the following players leading the space:
-> Cryptocurrency exchanges
-> Financial institutions
-> Specialised custody providers (incl. self-custody)
-> Service providers enhancing digital custody