w3s fellows

w3s fellows is a top-talent program for business students, graduates, and young professionals leaping into web3. We provide a community and help our partner companies to hire the smartest minds in web3.

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About the program_

What you can expect

Career support: Get support in finding the right track and placement with partner companies in web3
Be part of a vibrant community of like-minded talents who are on a similar journey
Attend a selection of industry-leading events and conferences
Receive personal mentorship to solve challenges and remove roadblocks
Build your own venture: 
When the time has come in your career, we're there to support on the venture building front

Who we're looking for

Students, graduates and young professionals
(First) familiarity with web3 and crypto
No prior work experience needed
Keen to contribute to a growing community
Desire to shape the future of crypto

Previous cohorts

Alumni from previous cohorts include emerging talents affiliated with leading institutions such as

Keen to
dive in?_

Are you interested in learning more about the web3 and crypto space and exploring potential career opportunities by joining a company or building your own venture?

Become a w3s fellow and join an exclusive circle of great minds, expand your network and knowledge, and explore unique opportunities in some of the most exciting areas in web3!

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