We are a financial advisory and investment firm focusing on web3 companies and digital assets.





Founded by Blackstone and McKinsey alumni, we started w3s with a mission to bridge the gap between the institutional world and the web3 space.

We deeply believe that web3 will have the biggest impact on society and business since the introduction of the internet.

At the core of this change, we find blockchains and cryptographic tokens enabling digital scarcity and value transfer in areas deemed uncontrollable for a long time.

Our vision is led by radically new ways to design human incentive mechanisms - across transactions, computations, collaboration, and value.

We are seeing first-hand how bold entrepreneurs are using these new paradigms as tools to transform visionary ideas into real products - and couldn’t be more excited about it.

Our Approach

w3s advisory

We provide the full spectrum of financial advisory services to companies at all stages, including: M&A, later-stage equity and token fundraising, strategy & corporate development, and tokenomics.

w3s ventures

Our team has collectively invested in 25+ early-stage web3 startups partnering with exceptional web3 founders. We drive value through hands-on support in areas such as strategy & business development, recruiting, and fundraising.

w3s fellows

We guide a top-talent program for business students, graduates, and young professionals leaping into web3. We provide a community for high-caliber talent and help our partner companies to hire the smartest minds in web3.

Our Portfolio

Our Team




Our NFT Exposure

NFT Infrastructure Market Report

nFT infrastructure report

This report is part of a series that web3 Studios is publishing on the current state of the NFT infrastructure - with a focus on institutional use cases. While the main report provides an overview of the key segments and players, upcoming deep-dive articles will focus on key developments in specific sub-sectors, innovation, fundraising and consolidation. For this edition, we have worked together with selected leaders in the space to analyze the current state of the market and develop a framework to define general market structures.

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